"My children are inspired by the topics covered ."

Year 2 Parent


Meet Our Governors

Chandra Kunda – Chair of Governors

On behalf of the governors of Alwyn Infant and Courthouse Junior School, I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to our schools.

I am writing to introduce myself as the Chair of Governors of the Alwyn and Courthouse Federation. My name is Chandra Kunder and I have been part of the governing board since February 2021 when I was appointed as a parent governor. My professional work experience includes working in the Software industry for more than 15 years and I’m currently working as a Customer Success Manager for Boomi (Formerly part of the Dell Technologies) which helps many organisations across the world on their cloud and digital transformation journey including schools and universities.

I am proud to chair the board of governors of the two exceptional schools in Maidenhead which came together through the federation during 2021. It's early days but we, the governors, are already seeing the benefits for the school, parents and children which are positive results of the federation of the schools. I am also fortunate to be working with such a strong governing board comprising skilled, experienced and committed individuals including parents and members with deep knowledge of the local community. Our role is to set the strategic direction for both the schools working closely with our Executive Headteacher, Nick Hart, and to support and complement the skills of the senior leadership teams in each school to deliver on our mission of ensuring every child receives not only an excellent academic education but real world knowledge, skills and experiences to help them thrive in whatever they choose to do when they leave school and become fully committed citizens of tomorrow. We ensure the schools have a clear vision, direction, and ethos. Also, we oversee the financial performance of the school in these very challenging times to ensure that the money the school receives is spent wisely.

Alwyn and Courthouse are wonderful places and all of us who serve the school as governors are immensely proud of the fantastic achievements of those attending and working at the school, and we would like to thank parents for their interest in supporting and maintaining our strong partnership with the local community. We wish your child every success and happiness and will do all in our power to ensure that together we build a future where every child is flourishing.

Richard Burdett

I am a Chartered Engineer who has run a number of businesses, as well as having extensive financial experience both through work and my being a church treasurer for over 20 years. I joined the Governing Body when my youngest son was at the school in 2004 and have been privileged to serve as governor since then. As the longest serving member of the board I feel I am able to use my prior experience of the school to help guide our current decisions.


In addition to my electronics consultancy work, I am also the Exams Officer at Altwood CE School, so I am regularly working with children. Outside work, I am a volunteer driver for Maidenhead Care which provides hospital transport for local people, as well as reader for the Maidenhead Talking Newspaper. I also enjoy gardening, cooking, and visits to the theatre.

Kelly Buxton

I started working at Courthouse Junior School as a 1-1 support for a child in Year 3 in 2017 knowing that I wanted to be a teacher. I have taught in Year 3, 5 and currently lead year 6. My passion for research and reading has led me to the role of reading lead. It is my aim to ensure that children at Courthouse flourish with reading and leave us as confident readers.


Jane Cox

My son attends Courthouse and my daughter will soon.  I’m passionate about making sure Courthouse is a place where children love to learn and teachers love to teach.  


I’m a firm believer in the benefits that exercise, sport, music, art and creativity bring to the wellbeing of children (and adults!) and enjoy live music, yoga and Parkrun.


Aside from school and family life, I’m a director of a social enterprise that helps charities to lobby the government for policy and legislative change.  With this I have supported many charities at a senior level with their strategic direction and business plans, experiences which I hope will be useful to the Courthouse Governing Board.   

Paul Griffiths

I am an IT consulting Director, focused primarily on the public sector, bringing a wealth of experience in deploying technology solutions into large Government organisations.  As part of this role I am required to keep abreast of new legislation such as GDPR and understand what this means to the different organisations with whom I work, both from a technology and business process perspective.


I have 2 children, Joe who is in Courthouse, and Emma at Newlands having been through Alwyn and Courthouse previously.  I joined the Governing body in 2019 and have enjoyed working with the Leadership team in both the schools since then.


One of the perspectives I am looking to bring to the Governing Body, is an understanding of the knowledge and experiences the children will require as they progress into later schools.  We must ensure that they benefit fully from the Alwyn and Courthouse experience, becoming rounded individuals, fulfilling their full potentials.


Natasha Lewis

I am a mum to two girls, my youngest at Alwyn and eldest at Courthouse. I joined the Governing board in January 2021 and have very much enjoyed being part of the federating of the two schools.


Professionally, I have a background in travel and office management for a staff of 900, accounting, and sales auditing within two large tech firms.  This has all contributed to my personable and analytical approach to governance.

I have always been a firm believer that school isn’t just a place to learn a syllabus but also a safe environment for children to focus on their physical and mental development; a place to feel they belong and a launchpad for positive life experiences outside of school. The Alwyn and Courthouse federation encompasses all of this and that is why, for me, being a school governor here is a great honour.

Navroop Mehat

I am the Headteacher at Wexham Court Primary School in Slough. I have had the pleasure of seeing our children thrive and grow for a number of years. We understand that we ALL play a special part in our children’s development and as a school community we work well together in doing so. With that being said, last year I was awarded the Pearson Headteacher of the Year Award. This was such a heart-warming surprise!

Alongside working at Wexham Court Primary, I also support local schools on their journey of improvement by providing Leadership Training. I am also part of key groups such as:
 School Forum
 School Education Partnership Board
 Primary Headteacher’s Core Group
After a long time, I feel that education is at a point of interest and I feel highly motivated by it. The content and information being shared with Teachers and Leaders is great and I love being part of it.
Mr Hart is unique in his approach to learning and precise about what needs to be in place. Therefore, I was keen to see how the Governing Body runs at Alwyn and Courthouse and to also support where I can.

Personally, I enjoy sports, going to the cinema/theatre and taking long walks along the countryside.

Siobhan Tarbuck

I am a local GP so I am passionate about our community. I initially joined the PTA when my youngest was in reception as I was keen to get involved in some way to help the schools.
My son is now in year 3 and my daughter is in Reception.  Now that the two schools have become a federation, I decided 2021 was a great time to join the board of governors.

Outside of work, I enjoy exercise, reading, family trips and eating out with friends.
In my work as a GP the impact of mental health and well-being is so apparent, especially since the pandemic. I’m hoping that this experience and focus will be a great skill set for future decisions as a governing board.

Eduard Woltjer

My wife Kirsty and I have lived in Maidenhead for over 13 years. We have a daughter at Courthouse and a son who will hopefully join Courthouse in the near future.


Given that the school plays such a central role within our community, I put myself forward for a governor position when a vacancy arose. The hope is, that in my own way, I can make a positive contribution to the school and create an environment in which all children can excel.


I believe that my role as an EMEA HR Manager provides the relevant experience and skill set to assist with this.

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