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Admission Arrangements

Admission Arrangements

The Local Authority co-ordinates admissions. If your child is due to start school for the first time please contact them.

Starting School 
All children start infant school in a reception class known as the foundation stage. They then journey through the school in Year 1 and Year 2 (Key Stage 1). At the end of Year 2, they must then transfer to the Junior stage (Key Stage 2) in the September following their 7th birthday. 

Parents must apply for an infant school place and then when their child is in year 2 they must apply for their child to transfer to a junior or primary school place.

For more information on starting school please visit the RBWM website


Place Allocation

Alwyn Infant School is a popular and often over-subscribed school. Places in the school are allocated by the local authority according to the local admissions policy. Each year we may admit up to 90 pupils, the total school roll being around 270. 

The admissions criteria are as follows, in order of priority: 

Looked After Children (a child who is in care of the Local Authority). 

  1. Children of compulsory school age with exceptional medical or social reasons for requiring the school*.

  2. Children of compulsory school age whose home address is in the area served by the school (catchment area) and who have brothers or sisters attending the school**. 

  3. Children of compulsory school age whose home address is in the area served by the school (catchment area).

  4. Children of compulsory school age who have brothers or sisters attending the school**. 

  5. Children of compulsory school age whose parents have any other reason for their choice.  

* The following descriptor relates to the strong medical or social grounds criteria: e.g. serious social problems in the family, or any chronic medical condition affecting the pupil that only your preferred school can deal with. These reasons must be fully supported at the time of application by written confirmation from the professional person involved in the case and will be dealt with by the Local Authority. 

** Brothers or sisters: this includes a half, step or foster child permanently living in the same family unit.


How and When to Apply

The Local Education Authority deals with all admissions. Contact them on 01628 683870 or

Email: The LEA are only offering places once per academic year. All forms should be returned to the Admissions Department each January for entry into school for September of the same year.


Chronic Health Conditions

We admit children with chronic health conditions ranging from severe allergies, asthma, and epilepsy to more life threatening problems. Once a place has been offered, please make contact with the school as early as possible if your child has any long term health condition so that an appropriate care plan can be put in place.


Please be aware that their starting date at school may be delayed if we’re not given enough time to put this care plan in place.



At Alwyn Infant School we endeavour to treat and teach each pupil equally. In the case of a child with a disability, e.g. visual or hearing impairment, it is essential that the Headteacher is informed as early as possible in order that any arrangements needed to provide appropriate support can be in place on school entry.


This support may range from a class teacher receiving advice from an expert in the field, to substantial one-to-one help in the classroom.


Additional Information

Parents of pre-school children are advised to refer to the Borough Handbook “A Guide to Primary Education”. It is available on request from the Admissions Department at the RBWM. This gives general guidelines about starting school in Windsor & Maidenhead, and has useful dates and information.


Visits To The School

The Headteacher is happy to show interested parents around the school, please telephone or call in to make an appointment. Parents may be shown around in small groups.


If an individual appointment is essential, please let us know when contact is made.