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Admission Arrangements

Admission Arrangements

Thank you for thinking of Alwyn! 

We are always pleased to welcome prospective parents and their children into our school.  One of the team will show you why we are a good school choice and what we have to offer. Tours of the school are held in the Autumn term leading up to the application deadline in January so please contact the school office if you would like to visit. 

What if we live out of catchment?

Not to worry!  Never assume that you won't get a place.  Talk to admissions...


When can my child start? 

Children are usually admitted to Alwyn for the Reception year in the September following their 4th birthday but we also admit children from other schools at different points in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (called an in-year transfer). 


How can I secure a place at Alwyn? 

All admissions, whether they are a for a place in September or an in-year transfer, are dealt with by the admission team at the Town Hall.  They coordinate admissions through a single application process, sharing information and, at the end of the process, send a single letter offering a place.  Visit their website to apply. 


Admissions criteria 

The demand for places at Royal Borough schools means that the local authority must operate admissions criteria to ensure the allocation of places in fair, objective and for the benefit of all children.  If your child has an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), and requests a particular school, they are required to be admitted to that named school.  For all other applicants, the following criteria will be applied.  They are set out in descending order of priority: 

  1. Children who are looked after (in the care of the local authority). 

  2. Children with exceptional social and medical needs (the reasons can apply to the child or the family). 

  3. Children who have a sibling at Alwyn or Courthouse and who live in the designated appropriate area of the school.

  4. Children who live in the designated appropriate area of the school. 

  5. Children who have a sibling at Alwyn or Courthouse and live outside of the designated area. 

  6. Children of a staff member. 

  7. Children of compulsory school age whose parents have any other reasons for their choice. 


The Alwyn and Courthouse Federation 

Alwyn Infant School and Courthouse Junior School are part of the same federation, sharing one leadership team and governing board. For junior school applications to Courthouse, attendance at Alwyn Infant School is given a higher priority and siblings refer to children in both schools.  Parents must apply for an infant school place and then when their child is in year 2 they must apply for their child to transfer to junior school.  


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 

We are an inclusive school. In the case of a child with a SEN or disability, it is essential that the school is informed as soon as possible in order that any arrangements needed to provide appropriate support can be in place upon school entry.  This support may range from a class teacher receiving advice from an expert in the field to substantial one to one help in the classroom.  Contact the school office to arrange to meet the Inclusion Leader who will happily discuss how Alwyn can meet your child's needs. 

What if I want to defer entry to reception as my child was born in the summer term?

If you wish to request that your summer born child joins the Reception class in the term after their fifth birthday rather than with their normal age group, you should still apply in the usual way. 

All requests for summer born delayed entry requests must be made to the local authority admission team as we are a community school. It is the local authority who make the decision on whether it is in the child’s best interest to join Reception or Year 1 at the age of five, considering your child’s individual needs and abilities. 

For the local authority to make an accurate assessment, you will need to:

  • visit the school(s) you are interested in and discuss your request and child's individual needs with them. 

  • provide a written statement explaining why you think it would be in your child’s best interests to enter Reception rather than Year 1 in the term after their fifth birthday. This should include the names of the schools you have approached to discuss your request, and any written evidence of their agreement. 

  • where relevant, submit any additional information from professionals involved with your child, should you choose. Please note there is no requirement for you to provide additional information or evidence to support your application should you choose not to provide it. 


The decision will be made based on the information available to them at the time the decision is made. They will consider: 

  • your views 

  • the individual circumstances of the child 

  • the views of the head teacher at the school(s) concerned 

  • any additional information from professionals involved with the child that the parent has chosen to provide 

  • where relevant, whether the child may naturally have fallen into a lower age group if not for being born prematurely 

  • relevant research into the outcomes of summer-born and premature children 


The decision will be communicated to you in writing before the National Offer Day if your deferral request is made by 13 March; otherwise, it will be communicated to you after offers are made.


If your request is agreed: the local authority will withdraw your normal application before the National Offer Day. You will be invited to apply again when applications reopen in November. 


Your application for the following year can only name schools where an agreement to accept an application outside of the normal age group has been granted. If your request is refused: we strongly recommend that you accept the offer of a place for the normal age group. If you later decide you want your child to start in Year 1 and not attend Reception, you will be able to make an in-year application. 

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