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Our vision

'Together we build the future'

Alwyn - About Us

The Staff and Governors of Alwyn Infant School are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers to provide a caring, enjoyable and challenging learning environment for our children.


We have high expectations for every child in both work and behaviour. We endeavour to foster curiosity, independence and a love of learning in a happy and safe setting.


This enables our children to grow and develop both socially and academically so that they achieve their full potential and move forward in the world as confident, happy and well-rounded individuals.

'Belonging, Kindness and Choices'

Our Alwyn Aims

These are the rules we all try to follow

  • To use kind hands, kind feet and kind words

  • To say how we feel and ask for help

  • To look and listen

  • To always do the best we can

We have six key areas that form our mission statement. These are long term strategic priorities that we are striving to achieve.


Understanding the World

The curriculum is coherently planned, sequenced and well taught.

Rich experiences support learning and help children make sense of the world.

Children have good emotional, mental and physical health.

Diversity and equality are celebrated and promoted.

Oracy and communication are prioritised to give children the tools they need for the next stage of their education.

Every Child, Every day

Children thrive as successful, independent learners. Teaching is research informed and developed through great professional development. Oracy and literacy are at the heart of what we do to make sure children are fully engaged in their learning and are able to take advantage of future opportunities. 

Every child is well known by the adults and meaningful, timely interactions help children to feel successful, keep up and build confidence.

A Calm and Purposeful Environment

Children are happy and feel like they belong to their friendship group, their class, their school and their community.

Relationships at school are rooted in kindness, inclusion and gratitude. Children enjoy feeling successful and have the confidence to make mistakes. They see the value in learning so they work hard. Children take up varied responsibilities and leadership positions which encourages pride in their school and community.

Looking After Our Community

Children understand that our schools are part of a wider community and we all share a sense of responsibility for each other and where we live. We have a nurturing environment that prioritises happiness, good mental health and social development. Our families value education. We use the experience in our community to benefit our children and seek to support local events and charities. We offer support our families where we can.

A Strong Start

Even before children start at our schools, our interactions with joining families show them they belong to our community. Clear and timely communication means that children are fully prepared for their first days. Transitions between year groups involve visits to new classrooms in advance to ensure familiarity with adults and their surroundings.

When new colleagues join our schools, they receive induction support to feel successful.

Growing Our Own

Varied continuous professional development opportunities ensure staff gain expertise.

We provide opportunities for career progression to keep our talented staff in our community. 

Succession planning protects the future of our schools and we contribute to system leadership through school to school support.

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