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"Pupils make strong academic progress."

Ofsted 2018


Curriculum Learning at Alwyn


In Reception, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This is a play based curriculum, where children learn through planned, purposeful activities.

Positive, quality interactions support learning and the children’s ‘school readiness’. The curriculum is designed to give the children a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life. We have an excellent garden with play equipment to extend the child’s interests and learning.


The Areas of Learning and Development

There are 7 key areas of learning in the early years setting. All the areas are important and inter-connected.

They are subdivided into 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas.

The prime areas are:

  • communication and language; talking and listening skills

  • physical development; both large physical development and fine motor skills for writing

  • personal, social and emotional development; forming friendships, being independent and learning to be confident learners

These are important for building a strong foundation for learning, and to ignite curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, forming relationships and thriving in school.


The specific areas are:

  • literacy

  • mathematics

  • understanding the world

  • expressive arts and design

Year 1 Autumn Term

At the start of the term we focus on settling the children into Key Stage 1. The children will take part in activities around different books that we have read in class and they will continue to learn through play.


We will have a geography week where the children will learn about human and physical features and go on a mini adventure around Oaken Grove Park!


We will also focus on a range of topics such as toys from the past and the different materials they are made out of, which the children thoroughly enjoy. 

The children will also use their music lessons to prepare for a Christmas performance.

Year 1 Spring Term

What an exciting spring term we have in Year One! We will investigate the history of Alwyn School by lloking at evidence and asking questions to our family members. Did you know the school was originally built on a completely different site? We will also learn about Maidenhaed and the different human and physical features that can be found here. 


In science, we focus on animal classifications and go on a fantastic trip to Odds Farm, where we will see many new born animals!


Year 1 Summer Term

In the summer term Year One we start to think a little bit beyond ourselves and Maidenhead by exploring places of interest in London. Later in the term we think about some places around the world that are hot and cold, linking this knowledge to the food we eat. The children will be given the opportunity to try some fruits and make their own fruit salads. 


What a super term we will have! 


Year 2 Autumn Term

It is an exciting time for the children as they are settling into Year 2 and learning new routines, with a greater level of independence. 

The first main topic of the year is Fire! Fire! We begin by investigating the Great Fire of London. The children thoroughly enjoy this topic as they have the opportunity to become historical detectives and explore new facts through evidence, drama and art. We focus on the casue of the fire and the changes that happened because of it. We introduce two historical figures- Samuel Pepys and King Charles. We also consider why Guy Fawkes should be remembered. 

The children will also think about the importance of being grateful and use their music lessons to perform a harvest assembly to our families.

Year 2 Spring Term

Our Topic for this term is Heroes and Villains. We begin by exploring the super powers and skills of superheroes and villains from comic books. The we look at how the theme of heroes is shown in books as well as the real life ones we have currently and in the past.

Year 2 Summer Term

The topic is What a Wonderful World! This topic helps the children develop their understanding of the world. We look at continents and oceans using globes and an atlas. We find out what life is like in Kenya and compare it to our life in Maidenhead. We investigate the science of local and world habitats and how we can look after the world around us.

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